Water Heating Savings: Money Down the Drain

Opportunities for water heating savings can be surprising, given the myriad of types of systems on the market. After heating and cooling, domestic hot water is the next largest energy drain. Certainly, you can incorporate a simple maintenance routine using the "whole-house approach". While it may be difficult to notice at first, very simple measures can effectively reduce water heating costs.

The cumulative efforts of periodic maintenance, upgrading equipment when necessary and weatherizing (air-sealing, insulating and ventilating), proper thermostat settings, etc. all work together to collectively reduce utility costs and environmental emissions. Read more about efficient water heating below:

Water Heating Tips (Read me first!) - A growing compilation of easy measures to reduce your water heating load...lots of common sense golden nuggets.

Perform a Visual Energy Audit of Your Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Hot Water Systems

Tankless or instantaneous water heaters - I like this technology with some provisos (my HVAC guru friend hates it).

Solar hot water heaters

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