The Sun Pipes in My House

After years of working with and promoting sun pipes, and recommending them for commercial and residential use, I was very excited about installing two of them in the hallways of my own home about a year ago.

One hallway which was particularly dark, is now well lit. The second hallway, which is the entrance hallway leading to a split staircase now gently "showers" the staircase and part of the living room with very pleasant and gentle lighting. The hallway even emits a pleasant hue of night lighting when there are no lights on, especially on moonlit nights (very handy for night excursions to the bathroom).

sun pipe in hallway cloudy day
Here are before-and-after photos of my hallway light pipes. Note that the "after" photo was shot immediately after installation on a relatively cloudy day:

sun pipe in hallway

For comparison sake, here is a hallway photo during a sunny day. You can see the hallway being noticeably brighter.

And below are "before-and-after" photos of my entry way:

sun pipe in entry

These light pipes look and feel like ceiling light fixtures that are perpetually lit. I know what the studies show about the light output in lab setting, but realistically, the light emitted from a 14" diameter solar tube in my dark hallway during sunny days is comparable to a 150-200 watt light bulb (as opposed to the lab's 700 watt bulb), whereas, during cloudy days, the light compares to a 40-60 watt light bulb.

Nonetheless, the light from the sun pipe is infinitely better than the original cavernous feel of the hallway. For the first few months after installation, my family and I were constantly trying to reach for a light switch thinking that we have forgotten to shut off the lights!

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