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This section provides a growing directory of smart sites related to home energy savings classified according to category.

Energy Efficiency Products - These companies offer hard-to-find and competitively priced heating and cooling equipment and accessories, high-efficiency lighting, insulation, weatherization, energy and power tracking meters, heating/cooling saving devices, etc.

Green and Environmental Products and Gifts for Everyday Living - Everything from non-toxic home and gardening products such as paints, cleaners, soaps/detergents to fabrics, pesticides, baby products, appliances, paper goods, electronics, gadgets, etc.)

Green Energy Suppliers

Home Energy Services and Audit Companies

Energy Efficient Home Plans, and Renovations

Renewable Energy Products, Gadgets, Education
These sites offer a great selection of solar, and wind power products, gadgets, do-it-yourself projects that allow you to start small or large in generating your own renewable power, and the educational material needed to get the projects underway.

Governmental Sites

Directories of Green Resources and Businesses

Energy Efficiency Products

Heat Miser - This company sells gas furnace modulators that allow furnaces to run more efficiently, while improving circulation. Owners report average savings of 20-25% on heating.

AM Conservation - By far, the most comprehensive outlet of energy efficiency products. Their offerings include lighting, energy conservation, water conservation, and weatherization products, conservation kits, and many miscellaneous, hard-to-find energy products. I routinely purchase products from AM Conservation and have never been disappointed. - The world's largest retailer for home automation products. This site offers innovative monitoring and energy savings devices. for contemporary lighting, modern fans, and home accessories. - This is one of the best online sources for all types of energy efficient lighting products, at the lowest market prices that I have come across. - another low-priced lighting retailer with a huge selection of manufacturers.

Smith+Noble - Smith and Noble is one of the best resources for energy-saving window coverings that are great quality, and price. I have been purchasing my shades and blinds from S&N for years, and have always had great customer service and user experience.

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Green and Environmental Products and Gifts for Everyday Living,/a>

Eco-Discoveries - Eco Friendly cleaning products for any task imaginable, even pet stain removal.

Great-Recycled-Gifts - A beautiful, and original collection of renewed, recycled and reused products. These are interesting, practical and useful products that are not mass produced and have stories to tell. Prices are pretty reasonable.

Yes It's Organic - Huge selection of organic clothing, organic bedding, bamboo furniture, home goods, logo shirts, and branding products

Geolife-Naturally - Chemical free organic products for gardens and farms

Heirloom Organics Non-hybrid seeds

Organic Gardening - Organic, non-toxic home and garden products and pesticides.

Eco-Friendly Flooring at Lumber Liquidators - THE definitive source for great prices on sustainable wood flooring.

GreenWala - a fun site that offers retail outlets for green products, as well as community forums and news.

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Green Energy Suppliers - This is a site that allows various green energy suppliers to bid for your business by offering the best mix of energy and price. There is a small application fee for administering the bid process, but the result is several quotes from various suppliers.

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Home Energy Services and Audit Companies

Chicago Residential Energy Solutions - Building Energy Experts looks at your building as a complex system, and runs a series of diagnostic tests to pinpoint exactly why your building isn’t as energy efficient, healthy, comfortable, and green as it should be.

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Energy Efficient Home Plans, and Renovations

Sunplans - A collection of beautiful and energy smart home designs by architect Debra Rucker Coleman. Coleman has over 20 years of designing low-energy, high-performance, passive solar homes.

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Renewable Energy Products, Gadgets, Education

Solar Sphere - This site offers small to large do-it-yourself solar kits, accessories and peripherals, educational material, and energy efficiency products.

HomeWind - HomeWind offers residential small to large scale wind powered systems, educational material and energy efficiency products. Very interesting and low-profile wind turbine models.

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Governmental Sites

Note - governmental sites offer great, objective information on energy concepts and technologies as well as a deep understanding of how to approach upgrades.

Homeowners and professionals can obtain valuable insight into the workings of a building, sometimes on a level that can be too academic. They also provide detailed information on assistance programs to help reduce the costs of upgrades.

These sites however, can be quite overwhelming to navigate and do not generally provide product or manufacturer information, prices and reviews. While some are developing "community forums", they are usually not the venue to get product or technology reviews, nor feedback about user experience - as it should be.

While several also offer listings of "energy efficiency" or home performance contractors and builders, or energy efficient mortgage lenders, I have found the information to be unreliable, and usually inaccurate (the lending institutions do not offer the loans, and the contractors listed have little or no track record of efficiency performance or experience.

DSIRE - This is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility and federal incentives and policies that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

ACEEE - American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy is a great information resource on existing and new buildings and the type of mainstream technologies that could be appropriate for retrofits.

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Directories of Green Resources and Businesses

How To Make Energy Efficient Choices - A collection of energy efficient products and resources that provide a practical guide for applying energy efficiency strategies in your home, including research on sizing solar energy and wind power.

DOL's Room Design Guide - Start your next room design online by using the services and resources provided here and your room layout project will move forward with ease. Find room design answers that make designing online easy.

Learn How To Weatherize Homes - Weatherize America provides the resources to help you start a business weatherizing homes, including your own web site, reference manuals, checklists, estimate sheets, product discounts and more.

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