Recycling newspapers at home

by Paige
(United states )

Well I have a few tips we've always used in my family to share.

1. Use sunday comics a gift wrap
We have never bought wrapping paper except 1 roll for wedding gifts that we've slowly been using & still have since I was very little.
All gifts get wrapped in the sunday comics & it's always funny to see everyone stop treating open presents so they can read the comic strips on the outside, even little kids.

2. Wrap glass & fragile objects for packing/transportation
I think everyone does this....

3. Bird/pet cage bottom liner
my mom has always clipped the edges to round them out to fit the bottom of her parrot's cage to catch droppings, food, or spilt water when he decides to bathe himself so she can quickly remove & dispose of it. Plus he loves to shred the stuff.
Used in my guinea pigs cage too instead of wood shavings. Saved money and the animals seemed to powder it for softness.

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