New Device for Heat Recovery from Dryer

by Jim Atkinson
(MO, United States)

Heat recovery from dryer - A new filter for clothes dryer not only filters lint, but also redirects heat and some moisture to interior spaces.

Two Senior citizens from Washington, MO have developed a new filter for an electric dryer. Jim & Sandy Atkinson were driving around and saw steam coming out of the side of homes. They thought, "What a waste of heat!"

So, they started experimenting with different products and were not satisfied with any of them. They decided to develop their own product. They named it, Dryernet; It filters the air coming out of the dryer so well, you can hardly smell anything. It filters down to .5 microns and removes all the contaminants. Jim's physician says it filters down to the bacteria level.

The original thought was to save on heat to cut expenses but they have discovered added benefits to the product. It adds much needed moisture in the winter, you don't have to have a humidifier going since the Dryernet adds moisture. With the added moisture, Sandy doesn't have to use skin moisturizer. It makes it easier to breathe at night cutting down on that dry mouth feeling in the morning. It cuts down on static electricity.

They found out that if your dryervent is longer than 10 feet, the dryer dries the clothes faster due to increased airflow. So that saves energy too. Overall, Jim and Sandy saved about $20.00 a month on their heating bill. If you use your dryer more than 4 times a week, you'll save more. Many house fires are caused by a clogged dryer vent, not with the Dryernet!

How often does a "Green" product pay for itself in a month and a half? If ten percent of the electric dryers used the dryernet, over 1 Billion dollars in energy use would be saved, each year.

We have been featured on Fox news in St. Louis, KOLR-TV in Springfield, MO and KOMU in Columbia, MO. CHECK OUT

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