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LiteFaire is a new and FREE light savings application for Android smartphones, developed by HomeEnergyFaire and its sister website  (a resource and services site for commercial buildings).

This handy light savings calculator was created for homeowners and real estate professionals to help improve home energy savings affordably. LiteFaire offers a clear and simple interface with easy, one-click navigation to help you complete a whole-house light inventory, room by room. 

LiteFaire displays information for costs, savings and payback for the individual  room AND total home for the existing bulbs and replacement bulbs. This app has built-in information including comparable bulb types, currencies by brightness, electric rates by state, average usage hours by room type and estimated costs. This eliminates the guesswork of choosing the right replacement bulb, knowing your electricity rate, estimating costs, etc. Of course, you can also manually enter these numbers if you know them.

LiteFaire Plus is an ad-free version and includes several additional features. Among the LiteFaire Plus features, is its ability to produce a shopping list and email it along with the savings results to any recipient. This app costs $1.99 and includes future upgrades to the software.

You can download these useful energy savings tools from your computer by going to LiteFaire (in from your smartphone by going to Market or Amazon's Android Market (go to Market on your Android smartphone, tap on Applications and search for LiteFaire). OR, if you have a barcode scanner app (such as Barcode Scanner or ShopSavvy)on your smartphone, just scan in the images below, which then take you directly to the applications in Google's Market (pretty nifty, huh?!)

If you do have an Android smartphone, please download LiteFaire and try it out. I would greatly appreciate comments and feedback on improving the app, either on this website, or on LiteFaire's Comments section.

LiteFaire barcode:
LiteFaire Plus barcode:

Full details on LiteFaire's unique features, benefits and user guide are included in the download as well as at

LiteFaire Pad - This soon-to-launch tool, is a free light savings calculator that calculates cost and energy savings for replacing residential light bulbs. This application is different than other online lighting calculators because it allows you to enter information on a room-by-room basis in any currency, and provides summary results for the whole house AND room-by-room details in a table format.
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Download LiteFaire, a Light Replacement Savings Calculator for Your Android phone or tablet

See your cost and energy savings for replacing light bulbs.


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