A Home Remodel with Energy Efficiency in Mind

Planning a home remodel that will help you become greener, save money and energy? If you stumbled across this site, welcome; here you can get information, tips and tools, savings calculators, and free resources about home energy savings and green living strategies.

Energy efficiency has been my mantra for the past 25 years - sometimes successfully, sometimes, not so much. As a do-it-herselfer and energy engineer, I am continually updating and adding information here; what works, what doesn't and what to look for and expect with energy efficiency projects.

I have spent a large portion of the past 19 years making older buildings (including my own home) more efficient - evaluating products and technologies in different settings, and *realistically* estimating or measuring the savings. My experiences have been VERY eye-opening, and sometimes, very expensive. Energy considerations - and motivations - in homes are completely different than in commercial buildings and therein lie the many challenges we face today.

With a limited budget, I have often needed to be creative with home remodel projects to improve energy efficiency in dated properties - much of what I did can be done with little or no help. Since I am not fond of working in vain, especially in basements or attics, cost, savings and payback are very important to me - in other words, is the effort worth the reward? AND, can form and function marry efficiency. I refer to form, function, n, 'fficiency as the "3Fs". For starters,

The value of your home increases by $20 for every $1 you save in utility bills -     Appraisal Journal

Yes, this is not like winning the lottery, but then again, consider a $100 per month reduction in your utility bills. That will save $1,200 a year and increase your home value by $24,000.

What would you do with an extra $1,200? Is that even doable? For most people in older homes, yes, and then some. Performing simple energy savings strategies that are often low or no-cost can reduce your utility bills - sometimes dramatically. Even still, there is effort involved in updating older homes, and awareness, and proper planning are key to a successful home remodel that leads to consistent savings every month.

The ultimate goal in creating this site is to clarify, inform and motivate action (hence the word "Faire" in HomeEnergyFaire, from the french word meaning "to do"). When home remodels are concerned, the 3Fs can be illusive: "Form" is almost always the most visible, sought-after and costly part of the project, "Function" is almost always short-changed, and "'fficiency", well... it is the unsung hero that goes ignored most of the time. But for the rewards it offers in savings and comfort, efficiency should be viewed as the defining point that brings the project together.

For Homeowners

The topics in HomeEnergydFaire can help you take a "whole-house" approach to your home remodel, examine your home's existing condition and particular needs, estimate your savings and payback for upgrades, prioritize your energy plan and implement measures sensibly...while preserving the 3Fs.

For Real Estate Professionals

A deep understanding with a home's particular energy issues can improve market share; most professionals have a focused view of a building mainly from the aspects that pertain to their expertise. As a green professional, you can offer value-added services including home energy assessments and recommendations for energy improvements to increase saleability and market value. In an economic climate where keeping or buying and selling real estate is a challenge, distinguishing yourself through relevant knowledge that can help save money and the environment is an asset that will go far.

For additional resources and services, please visit our sister website, www.datafaire.com .

Start from Your Utility Bills
Most people pay their bill every month without questioning the million charges listed in the back pages of the bill. Understanding your utility bill is the first and most important step toward an energy efficient home or home remodel - period.


This is a new site. Please follow our development, and contribute feedback and suggestions on how we can improve this site. Below is a summary of HomeEnergyFaire.com's current topics:

Get your fix of energy savings products, technologies, programs, and interesting news, right HERE!
Challenges Going Green – Obstacles to Energy Savings
There are many challenges going green. Where do you go for accurate information on energy products, green technologies, costs & savings, rebate programs, etc.?
Utility Bill Tracking and Understanding
Utility bill tracking is the first step to understanding your energy usage, overcharges, and choosing the right fuels and suppliers. HERE is what to know
Your Home Energy Assessment Using Your Utility Bills
Perform this simple home assessment to see how your house compares to other similar houses
Energy Audits - Do-it-Yourself Or Hire a Pro?
Professional or DIY energy audits; both have merrit
Energy Rebates and Funding for Home Energy Upgrades
Read about energy rebates and ways to pay for your home's energy upgrades. Remodel using government programs, credits, incentives and private rebates through utilities and manufacturers.
Home Energy Conservation Tips
Free or inexpensive energy conservation tips that fit into any lifestyle, home, or budget
Attic Basics - Know What Goes On Up There
attic basics to help understand, evaluate and upgrade energy efficiency
Technologies for Sustainable Roofs
Sustainable roofs, and efficient technologies that help lower energy costs, improve insulation, and reduce our carbon footprint and the heat island effect
How do Home Foundations Affect Your Energy and Utility Bills?
Home foundations and how well they are bundled up in cold climates can have a huge impact on your energy use and pocketbook. They also act like batteries, storing heat and cold and affecting comfort.
Efficient Windows Add to a Home's Form and Function
learn about energy efficient windows, and general tips on how to improve your windows' effectiveness in increasing passive solar gain and comfort
Essential Home Lighting Topics
Useful home lighting topics are presented for efficient lighting upgrades
Home Weatherization and Insulation
Home Weatherization and Insulation: At the Top of the Savings List
Home Ventilation: Seal Tight, Ventilate Right
Read about proper home ventilation methods
Improve Your Home Heating Savings
A section on home heating savings, reducing costs, improving efficiency and environmental emissions
Home Cooling Savings: Make Your Cooling Dollars Work
A section on home cooling savings, reducing costs, improving efficiency and environmental emissions
Water Heating Savings: Money Down the Drain
Home water heating savings, reduce costs, improve efficiency and environmental emissions
Energy-efficient Appliances Lead to Cost Savings And Greener Homes
Discover how energy-efficient appliances can create beauty, function and save money
Tubular Skylights - Natural Light Fixture without A Switch
A look at how tubular skylights or light pipes can improve your natural daylight, while saving energy and money - it's hard to walk by without looking for a light switch
Your Energy Efficiency Projects and Stories
A collection of our readers' energy efficiency projects and stories. Please add yourproject here.
Professional Women in Real Estate Directory
A directory of women in real estate who offer various services and products in the residential market
Smart Sites and Useful Resources
A growing directory of smart sites related to energy efficiency
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