Home Weatherization and Insulation: At the Top of the Savings List

Home weatherization and insulation are not rocket science; they are mainly caulking, sealing, and insulating - that's it.

A huge portion of your savings and comfort level can come from tightening your home (5-30% average energy savings), and much of it can be done by you.

Home Weatherization and Insulation Tips: An expanding compilation of easy and low/no cost tips for anyone to perform for quick results.

Air Sealing – A guide to preventing leaking into and out of your home.

Home Insulation – Read about home insulation, types of products on the market, how to use each type, and what you need.

Before you embark, understand that some jobs are easier than others. So decide beforehand whether you want to do the insulation work yourself or hire a contractor.

It is easy to visualize a project with rosy-colored glasses only to jump into it, and decide it requires too much time or skill or an investment in equipment. and end up with a gaping cavity in your attic, or walls, only to frustrate your husband (or wife and kids) - hmm, enough said...

If you do the job yourself, follow installation instructions carefully and take proper safety precautions. If you hire a contractor, verify qualifications and make sure you get several bids. Only hire licensed, bonded contractors.

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