Home Heating Savings: Less Cost, More Comfort

Increase your home heating savings no matter what kind of heating system you have. You can incorporate a simple checklist of maintenance tasks using a "whole-house approach" - and you can do most o yourself.

By combining proper and periodic maintenance, upgrading equipment when necessary and weatherizing your house (air-sealing, insulating and ventilating), and proper thermostat settings, you can reduce heating costs(and cooling costs) and environmental emissions by 20% to 50%.

Topics to help reduce your heating bills:

Heating Savings Tips (Read me first!) - A growing compilation of easy measures to improve home heating and comfort.

The most common types of heating systems in existing homes - This covers boilers, furnaces, stoves, fireplaces and electric heat.

Make you existing furnace more efficient using THIS

Make you existing boiler more efficient using THIS

Energy efficient heating systems:
High efficiency furnaces, and condensing boilers
Air-to-air and geothermal heat pumps
Radiant Floor Heat

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