Home Cooling Savings: Make Your Cooling Dollars Work

You can increase your home cooling savings and comfort by simple changes to your mindset, as well as exploring easy alternatives to air conditioning.

Our bodies perspire because evaporation has a natural cooling effect on the body. Keeping air flowing around our skin is a great way to keep our bodies "dry" and comfortable. You have heard it said that dry heat is a lot more tolerable than moist heat. Well, we will expand on this "windchill factor" to minimize our energy use.

If you must have air conditioning in your cooling mix, then with a simple checklist of maintenance tasks - most of which can be done by you - you can easily reduce your cooling requirements and improve home cooling costs.

As with heating, combining proper and periodic maintenance, upgrading equipment when necessary and weatherizing your house (air-sealing, insulating and ventilating), and proper thermostat settings, you can reduce cooling cost and cut environmental emissions. It's all part of a "whole-house approach" that starts by addressing one issue, but ends up improving several issues.

Read about the following topics to reduce your cooling bills:

Cooling Savings Tips (Read me first!) - A growing compilation of easy measures to improve home cooling and comfort.

Visual Energy Audit of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Hot Water Systems

Whole-house fans - Whole house fans are so misunderstood, and under-used. This is a biggie...

Evaporative coolers - Some simple and some cutting-edge cooling technologies that are very effective in dry climates.

Absorption chillers - Usually used for commercial buildings, these systems are used in large residences without electricity.

Thermal energy storage - This technology is so broad with so many applications, that whole graduate programs are devoted to it. Don't worry - I will give you the P.S. version, and applicable products/methods you might want to consider.

High Efficiency Air Conditioners - Better air conditioners that cool effectively and are more environmentally friendly.

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