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We all have a story or two about our attempts at applying energy upgrades, especially early on. Some energy efficiency stories are about figuring how a gadget works, or installing a new product, others are about horror stories in the basement or attic (yeah, it's always the attic!).

I remember the time I was building interior insulators for really old-but-functional windows. I had to deal with the old-but detailed wood trim which was coated in layer after layer old, peeling lead paint. At the time, I was very meticulous about salvaging/recycling EVERYTHING in a project, and so, I tirelessly removed the trim, put expanding foam in the gaps behind the trim where the windows were, and proceeded to carefully remove the lead paint, and repaint every bit of trim. It took weeks, but you know, I can vouch for the quality of the work, and the fact that for very little money, I now have windows with insulators that perform as well or better (low U-value)than the expensive, new ones.

Do you have a story to share with us? Perhaps your experiences living with a demand water heater, or maybe a geothermal heat pump? Any tips on better appliance efficiency, or cooling techniques that forgo an AC? Please share your knowledge with us and perhaps start a discussion with our readers. I will convert each story into its own web page written by you.

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Sharing is always more fun. Please share your experience, tips, or strategies, however unconventional. Or, rant or rave about products, technologies, costs, programs, companies, etc. We would love to hear your thoughts, issues or solutions!

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drpat Not rated yet
Back in the 90's A company called Buldiers Square had a product that you put up plastic mouldings around older windows with these permenant constructors, …

Vent Free Gas Space Heaters - Drainless Sinks? Not rated yet
In the 1996 September/October issue of Home Energy Magazine, a staff researcher from the University of California, Michael Apte, wrote an article comparing …

Day light : Out best ally for energy conservation Not rated yet
I designed some creative activities for kids so they spend some time in the outdoors having fun and at the same time reduce our consumption of the power …

New Device for Heat Recovery from Dryer Not rated yet
Heat recovery from dryer - A new filter for clothes dryer not only filters lint, but also redirects heat and some moisture to interior spaces.

Two Senior …

Cheapest Home Ventillation Methods Not rated yet
Question about Cheapest Home Ventillation:

Hello, what a great site! I am a first tie home owner and have a ton of questions about properly ventilating …

Heat Recovery Ventilators 
We are looking to install a heat recovery ventillation system (HRV) in our home (new construction)and couldn't find any useful information on benefits …

Recycling newspapers at home Not rated yet
Well I have a few tips we've always used in my family to share.

1. Use sunday comics a gift wrap

We have never bought wrapping paper except 1 roll …

How to recycle very thin plastic bags? 
Such bags are a great problem. Those can not reuse. People use it for landfill, which is harmful to the earth. Burning is polluting air.

Lina's Response …

SOLAR PANELS what do you think? Not rated yet
With the current discussions re climate change & renewable energy should the goernments of the world enforce (through legislation) that all new buildings …

Where do you install a whole house fan? Not rated yet
Lina's Response:

A whole house fan is a large, horizontally-mounted electric fan that should be installed into a hallway ceiling in the top floor of …

Carbon Sequestration in the Oceans Not rated yet
What are the oceans roles in carbon sequestration? How does climate change limit the ocean’s capacity to?

Lina's response:

Oceans are a major component …

Is solar power worth the money? Not rated yet
How do I judge if solar power is for me?

Lina's response:

Here are a few factors to think about:

- Does the area get enough sunlight during the …

How much power would I save? Not rated yet
If I replaced one of those 4 watt night lights with a 1 watt led light, how much money would I save?

Lina's response:

let's assume:

- Your electric …

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