Free or Inexpensive Energy Conservation Tips for Your Home

The energy conservation tips presented below are meant to be an easy entry into home energy savings. While they are simple to understand and apply, they are not simplistic - there is effort involved in accomplishing savings, but it comes with the reward of a better understanding of your home, and how to maintain it.

Many of these tips are free and can be instituted immediately, and creatively. Some need practice to get the right results (window insulating kits), others are home maintenance related and may require a professional (furnace tune-up, attic vent repair).

Many have the potential to make a design statement while saving money and energy (insulated shades/curtains). And some just require the purchase of inexpensive energy conservation products (a $1.50 filter whistler, for example), for which, I provide purchase information.

So, here are the "good to know" tips for...



Weatherization and Ventilation



Domestic Hot Water Heating


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