Our Reader's Attic Stories and Questions

My attic stories range from dealing with gaping holes to driving flying squirrels out of the chimney vent. I have also seen some interesting methods of attic improvements in my life.

One of my scarier moments was coming across a bat's nest in a large attic with a broken window, in an old federal style building...not too pleasant. While I have come across chipmunks, wasps' nests and even live wires in older attics, the bats definitely gave me the heebeejeebees.

As for interesting energy efficiency measures, one of the more clever insulation practices I have come across has been the use of foam egg-crates. They were stacked in the spaces between rafters in old attics? You know, the kind you get in the supermarket...and why not?

Foam crates make a great insulator because of the type of foam used, and the design - the air-gaps from the egg holders act like an air lock, similar to an air lock in the entry way of your home. Plus, they are FREE, insect-proof, long lasting, and can stack and fit perfectly between the rafters, with no tools needed. You can further air seal them using caulk. AND, no one sees them in the attic, or under sheetrock in a finished attic. What a great example of recycling!

Just goes to show that "necessity is the mother of invention". Do you have a question, comment or tip about improving an attic?

Share Your Attic Question or Story with Us

I would love to hear about your attic experiences or stories. This is the place to tell us your story, read about what other renters have done, or comment on the stories of others.

Once you've vented, asked or clarified your situation, refer your friends to your story and get them to comment on it too - you'll have your very own web page on our site, provided that it meets our quality or legal requirements (e.g., keep it clean and respectful).

Who knows, we all might gain a helpful tip from your attic stories.

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