Attic Basics - Know What Goes On Up There

Let's briefly discuss some attic basics, along with a concise diagram that sums things up. Attics are one of the most important components in a home's energy use, so, IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE ON THIS PAGE, PLEASE LOOK AT THIS DIAGRAM - it summarizes most potential problem areas that could lead to more that 30% waste in your heat and cooling (but you will miss a lot of crucial information if that's all you do):

Attic schematic

Here are the topics covered in this section:

If your attic project will involve roofing and other exterior upgrades, consider options that will also enhance curb appeal. For useful and practical ideas on exterior home improvements, take a side trip to Exterior Home Improvement Ideas.

Where to next? Read about the life cycle of an attic and where potential problems typically arise in attics.

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